PainScan has a Mission to make pain visible and validated, and to provide answers to patients and their healthcare teams.

Our Vision is that physicians rely on PainScan to document, diagnose and treat pain.

Our Differentiator: We listen and spend time with our patients, help them learn about their pain and conditions, and provide a hopeful experience.

The PainScan Exam is a transformative process for chronic pain assessment, creating a detailed, visual record of pain patterns that serves as a baseline and longitudinal record for patient, doctor and specialists.

Unlike traditional methods such as the 0-10 pain scale, it allows for visualizing pain progression over time through follow-up exams, providing a study of the patient’s response to therapy.

The PainScan approach enhances understanding, diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, offering insights not available through standard care practices.

PainScan Team

Andru Zeller MD
Andru Zeller MDFounder, CMO/CTO
Andru Zeller MD is a family physician with 20 years of clinical experience. Andru has built two medical offices from the ground up and has run independent medical practices for 18 years. He has also developed a robust Electronic Health Record system for his clinic and is hands-on with all aspects of PainScan’s technology. Andru is energized by being able to help patients and their healthcare teams diagnose and treat chronic pain more quickly and effectively. He enjoys karate, tinkering, travel, and spending time with his family.
John Mierzwa
John MierzwaCEO
John Mierzwa has founded several companies and has a successful exit with the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamps. John is an experienced executive, building successful teams across various growth stages and sectors, including construction, education, and software. His teams have built complex, HIPAA-compliant healthcare applications. John is experienced with identifying and organizing diverse stakeholders to execute meaningful projects. He enjoys hiking, travel, reading, research, and family time, including with the dogs.
3D Pose Estimation
Software Platform
3D Environment
Machine Learning
IoT Engineer
Device Management

PainScan Advisory Team

Angjoo Kanazawa PhDAssistant Professor at University of California, Berkeley
Leading Computer Vision & Machine Learning Researcher
Brian Rashap PhDRetired Intel Electrical Engineer & Internet of Things (IoT) Expert

PainScan Origin

PainScan was envisioned by Dr. Andru Zeller based on his experiences with patients in his Albuquerque, New Mexico clinics. These patients did not want opiate medications for their pain, rather they needed answers and effective solutions so they could get back to work to care for their families.

Diagnostic imaging often fails to pinpoint the reasons for chronic pain, so Dr. Zeller established a physical exam method that consistently provided more comprehensive clinical information. While effective, the method was time consuming, and challenging to document without being automated. Dr. Zeller was then determined to create an automated system to produce a 3D pain map for his patients.

PainScan was created from a passion to serve and a focus on efficiency.