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Startups and physicians must unite to empower women’s health

“…we can create the version of women’s health that we all want to experience and can set the standard for healthcare as a whole.”

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In 2020, 54 million US adults suffered with chronic pain.

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Chronic Pain in the US: New Data

Forward Health launches CarePods, a self-contained, AI-powered doctor’s office

“We’re using AI to read the research, pull out the care plans and deliver it to consumers.”

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“It’s nice to show a visual to the patient about what may be causing their pain.”

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Three Types of Knee Pain in Primary Care

Radiologist launches ‘groundbreaking’ second-opinion service with 24-hour turnaround time.

“ enables patients to easily upload files “within seconds.” In 24 hours or less, they then receive a “comprehensive” analysis from the platform’s network of fellowship-trained radiologists, “enhancing patients’ confidence” in their prognosis.”

Rahman and colleagues also are launching a “pro bono second opinions initiative.” It provides such services either free or at a reduced rate to individuals who are unemployed, disabled, single parents or have limited access to radiological care.

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